Document attached to a message in a secret chat.

decryptedMessageMediaDocument#b095434b thumb:bytes thumb_w:int thumb_h:int file_name:string mime_type:string size:int key:bytes iv:bytes = DecryptedMessageMedia;

decryptedMessageMediaDocument#7afe8ae2 thumb:bytes thumb_w:int thumb_h:int mime_type:string size:int key:bytes iv:bytes attributes:Vector<DocumentAttribute> caption:string = DecryptedMessageMedia;

decryptedMessageMediaDocument#6abd9782 thumb:bytes thumb_w:int thumb_h:int mime_type:string size:long key:bytes iv:bytes attributes:Vector<DocumentAttribute> caption:string = DecryptedMessageMedia;


Name Type Description
thumb bytes Thumbnail-file contents (JPEG-file, quality 55, set in a 90x90 square)
thumb_w int Thumbnail width
thumb_h int Thumbnail height
mime_type string File MIME-type
size long Document size (int on layer <143, long on layer >=143)
key bytes Key to decrypt the attached document file
iv bytes Initialization
attributes Vector<DocumentAttribute> Document attributes for media types
caption string Caption



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