Represents a custom emoji.
Note that this entity must wrap exactly one regular emoji (the one contained in documentAttributeCustomEmoji.alt) in the related text, otherwise the server will ignore it.

messageEntityCustomEmoji#c8cf05f8 offset:int length:int document_id:long = MessageEntity;


Name Type Description
offset int Offset of message entity within message (in UTF-16 code units)
length int Length of message entity within message (in UTF-16 code units)
document_id long Document ID of the custom emoji, use messages.getCustomEmojiDocuments to fetch the emoji animation and the actual emoji it represents.



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Telegram allows including animated and static custom emojis inside of messages.


Fetch custom emoji stickers ยป.

Returns a list of documents with the animated custom emoji in TGS format, and a documentAttributeCustomEmoji attribute with the original emoji and info about the emoji stickerset this custom emoji belongs to.


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