Send the verification code for login



Name Type Description
phone_number string Phone number in international format
api_id int Application identifier (see App configuration)
api_hash string Application secret hash (see App configuration)
settings CodeSettings Settings for the code type to send


The method returns an auth.SentCode object with information on the message sent.

Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 API_ID_INVALID API ID invalid.
400 API_ID_PUBLISHED_FLOOD This API id was published somewhere, you can't use it now.
500 AUTH_RESTART Restart the authorization process.
400 PHONE_NUMBER_APP_SIGNUP_FORBIDDEN You can't sign up using this app.
400 PHONE_NUMBER_BANNED The provided phone number is banned from telegram.
400 PHONE_NUMBER_FLOOD You asked for the code too many times.
406 PHONE_NUMBER_INVALID The phone number is invalid.
406 PHONE_PASSWORD_FLOOD You have tried logging in too many times.
400 PHONE_PASSWORD_PROTECTED This phone is password protected.
400 SMS_CODE_CREATE_FAILED An error occurred while creating the SMS code.