Export a folder », creating a chat folder deep link ».

chatlists.exportedChatlistInvite#10e6e3a6 filter:DialogFilter invite:ExportedChatlistInvite = chatlists.ExportedChatlistInvite;
chatlists.exportChatlistInvite#8472478e chatlist:InputChatlist title:string peers:Vector<InputPeer> = chatlists.ExportedChatlistInvite;


Name Type Description
chatlist InputChatlist The folder to export
title string An optional name for the link
peers Vector<InputPeer> The list of channels, group and supergroups to share with the link. Basic groups will automatically be converted to supergroups when invoking the method.



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 FILTER_ID_INVALID The specified filter ID is invalid.
400 FILTER_NOT_SUPPORTED The specified filter cannot be used in this context.
400 INVITES_TOO_MUCH The maximum number of per-folder invites specified by the chatlist_invites_limit_default/chatlist_invites_limit_premium client configuration parameters » was reached.
400 PEERS_LIST_EMPTY The specified list of peers is empty.

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