Sends a service message to a secret chat.

messages.sentEncryptedMessage#560f8935 date:int = messages.SentEncryptedMessage;
messages.sentEncryptedFile#9493ff32 date:int file:EncryptedFile = messages.SentEncryptedMessage;
messages.sendEncryptedService#32d439a4 peer:InputEncryptedChat random_id:long data:bytes = messages.SentEncryptedMessage;


Name Type Description
peer InputEncryptedChat Secret chat ID
random_id long Unique client message ID required to prevent message resending
data bytes TL-serialization of DecryptedMessage type, encrypted with a key generated during chat initialization



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 CHAT_ID_INVALID The provided chat id is invalid.
400 DATA_INVALID Encrypted data invalid.
400 ENCRYPTION_DECLINED The secret chat was declined.
400 ENCRYPTION_ID_INVALID The provided secret chat ID is invalid.
500 MSG_WAIT_FAILED A waiting call returned an error.
403 USER_DELETED You can't send this secret message because the other participant deleted their account.
403 USER_IS_BLOCKED You were blocked by this user.

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Object describes the contents of an encrypted message.