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CanSendStoryResult Class Reference

Inherits Object.

Inherited by canSendStoryResultActiveStoryLimitExceeded, canSendStoryResultBoostNeeded, canSendStoryResultMonthlyLimitExceeded, canSendStoryResultOk, canSendStoryResultPremiumNeeded, and canSendStoryResultWeeklyLimitExceeded.


This class is an abstract base class. Represents result of checking whether the current user can send a story in the specific chat.

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- Public Instance Methods inherited from TlObject
virtual std::int32_t get_id () const =0
virtual void store (TlStorerUnsafe &s) const
virtual void store (TlStorerCalcLength &s) const
virtual void store (TlStorerToString &s, const char *field_name) const =0
 TlObject ()=default
 TlObject (const TlObject &)=delete
TlObjectoperator= (const TlObject &)=delete
 TlObject (TlObject &&)=default
TlObjectoperator= (TlObject &&)=default
virtual ~TlObject ()=default

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