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pageBlockCollage Class Referencefinal

Inherits PageBlock.


A collage.

Public Fields

array< object_ptr< PageBlock > > page_blocks_
 Collage item contents.
object_ptr< pageBlockCaptioncaption_
 Block caption.

Public Instance Methods

 pageBlockCollage ()
 pageBlockCollage (array< object_ptr< PageBlock >> &&page_blocks_, object_ptr< pageBlockCaption > &&caption_)
void store (TlStorerToString &s, const char *field_name) const final
- Public Instance Methods inherited from TlObject
virtual void store (TlStorerUnsafe &s) const
virtual void store (TlStorerCalcLength &s) const
 TlObject ()=default
 TlObject (const TlObject &)=delete
TlObjectoperator= (const TlObject &)=delete
 TlObject (TlObject &&)=default
TlObjectoperator= (TlObject &&)=default
virtual ~TlObject ()=default

Static Public Attributes

static const std::int32_t ID = 1163760110
 Identifier uniquely determining a type of the object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ pageBlockCollage() [1/2]

A collage.

◆ pageBlockCollage() [2/2]

pageBlockCollage ( array< object_ptr< PageBlock >> &&  page_blocks_,
object_ptr< pageBlockCaption > &&  caption_ 

A collage.

[in]page_blocks_Collage item contents.
[in]caption_Block caption.

Method Documentation

◆ store()

void store ( TlStorerToString &  s,
const char *  field_name 
) const

Helper function for to_string method. Appends string representation of the object to the storer.

[in]sStorer to which object string representation will be appended.
[in]field_nameObject field_name if applicable.

Implements TlObject.

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