TDLib (Telegram Database library) is a cross-platform library for building Telegram clients. It can be easily used from almost any programming language.

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TDLib has many advantages. Notably TDLib is:

Examples and documentation

Take a look at our examples and documentation.


TDLib depends on:


Install all TDLib dependencies as described in Installing dependencies. Then enter directory containing TDLib sources and compile them using CMake:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
cmake --build .

Installing dependencies



To build 64-bit TDLib using MSVC, you will need to additionally specify parameter -A x64 to CMake. To build TDLib in Release mode using MSVC, you will need to additionally specify parameter --config Release to the cmake --build . command.


Using in CMake C++ projects

For C++ projects that use CMake, the best approach is to build TDLib as part of your project or to use a prebuilt installation.

There are several libraries that you could use in your CMake project:

For example, part of your CMakeLists.txt may look like this:

target_link_libraries(YourTarget PRIVATE Td::TdStatic)

Or you could install TDLib and then reference it in your CMakeLists.txt like this:

find_package(Td 1.2.0 REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(YourTarget PRIVATE Td::TdStatic)

See example/cpp/CMakeLists.txt.

Using in Java projects

TDLib provides native Java interface through JNI. To enable it, specify option -DTD_ENABLE_JNI=ON to CMake.

See example/java for example of using TDLib from Java and detailed build and usage instructions.

Using in .NET projects

TDLib provides native .NET interface through C++/CLI and C++/CX. To enable it, specify option -DTD_ENABLE_DOTNET=ON to CMake. .NET Core doesn't support C++/CLI, so if .NET Core is used, then TDLib JSON interface should be used through P/Invoke instead.

See example/csharp for example of using TDLib from C# and detailed build and usage instructions. See example/uwp for example of using TDLib from C# UWP application and detailed build and usage instructions for Visual Studio Extension "TDLib for Universal Windows Platform".

When TDLib is built with TD_ENABLE_DOTNET option enabled, C++ documentation is removed from some files. You need to checkout these files to return C++ documentation back:

git checkout td/telegram/Client.h td/telegram/Log.h td/tl/TlObject.h

Using from other programming languages

TDLib provides efficient native C++, Java, and .NET interfaces. But for most use cases we suggest to use the JSON interface, which can be easily used with any programming language that is able to execute C functions. See td_json_client and td_log documentation for detailed JSON interface description, scheme or autogenerated HTML documentation for the list of all available TDLib methods and classes.

See example/python/ and example/ruby/example.rb for an example of such usage.


TDLib is licensed under the terms of the Boost Software License. See LICENSE_1_0.txt for more information.