TDLib options

TDLib has many options that affect the behavior of the library. Each option has a name and a value. Value may be of one of the following types:

Type of value Default value Value range
Integer 0 32-bit integer
Boolean false True or false
String Any Unicode string

List of options supported by TDLib

Options not mentioned in this list may be safely ignored.

Name Type Writable Description
disable_contact_registered_notifications Boolean Yes If true, notifications about the user's contacts who have joined Telegram will be disabled
online Boolean Yes Online status of the current user
use_pfs Boolean Yes If true, Perfect Forward Secrecy will be enabled for interaction with the Telegram servers for cloud chats
use_quick_ack Boolean Yes If true, quick acknowledgement will be enabled for outgoing messages
use_storage_optimizer Boolean Yes If true, the background storage optimizer will be enabled
authorization_date Integer No Point in time (Unix timestamp) when authorization was received
basic_group_size_max Integer No Maximum number of members in a basic group
call_connect_timeout_ms Integer No Maximum time to wait for call connection creation to be passed to libtgvoip
call_packet_timeout_ms Integer No Maximum time to wait for call packet delivery to be passed to libtgvoip
favorite_stickers_limit Integer No Maximum number of favorite stickers
forwarded_messages_count_max Integer No Maximum number of forwarded messages per one request
my_id Integer No Identifier of the current user
pinned_chat_count_max Integer No Maximum number of pinned cloud chats. The same amount of secret chats can be pinned locally
supergroup_size_max Integer No Maximum number of members in a supergroup
t_me_url String No Current value of URL, i.e.
test_mode Boolean No If true, the test environment is being used instead of the production environment
version String No TDLib version

Additionally any option beginning with ‘x’ or ‘X’ is writeable and can be safely used by the application to persistently store some small amount of data.