Object defines the set of users and/or groups that generate notifications.

inputNotifyPeer#b8bc5b0c peer:InputPeer = InputNotifyPeer;
inputNotifyUsers#193b4417 = InputNotifyPeer;
inputNotifyChats#4a95e84e = InputNotifyPeer;
inputNotifyBroadcasts#b1db7c7e = InputNotifyPeer;
inputNotifyForumTopic#5c467992 peer:InputPeer top_msg_id:int = InputNotifyPeer;


Constructor Description
inputNotifyPeer Notifications generated by a certain user or group.
inputNotifyUsers Notifications generated by all users.
inputNotifyChats Notifications generated by all groups.
inputNotifyBroadcasts All channels
inputNotifyForumTopic Notifications generated by a topic in a forum.