User actions. Use this to provide users with detailed info about their chat partner's actions: typing or sending attachments of all kinds.

sendMessageTypingAction#16bf744e = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageCancelAction#fd5ec8f5 = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageRecordVideoAction#a187d66f = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageUploadVideoAction#e9763aec progress:int = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageRecordAudioAction#d52f73f7 = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageUploadAudioAction#f351d7ab progress:int = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageUploadPhotoAction#d1d34a26 progress:int = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageUploadDocumentAction#aa0cd9e4 progress:int = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageGeoLocationAction#176f8ba1 = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageChooseContactAction#628cbc6f = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageGamePlayAction#dd6a8f48 = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageRecordRoundAction#88f27fbc = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageUploadRoundAction#243e1c66 progress:int = SendMessageAction;
speakingInGroupCallAction#d92c2285 = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageHistoryImportAction#dbda9246 progress:int = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageChooseStickerAction#b05ac6b1 = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageEmojiInteraction#25972bcb emoticon:string msg_id:int interaction:DataJSON = SendMessageAction;
sendMessageEmojiInteractionSeen#b665902e emoticon:string = SendMessageAction;


Constructor Description
sendMessageTypingAction User is typing.
sendMessageCancelAction Invalidate all previous action updates. E.g. when user deletes entered text or aborts a video upload.
sendMessageRecordVideoAction User is recording a video.
sendMessageUploadVideoAction User is uploading a video.
sendMessageRecordAudioAction User is recording a voice message.
sendMessageUploadAudioAction User is uploading a voice message.
sendMessageUploadPhotoAction User is uploading a photo.
sendMessageUploadDocumentAction User is uploading a file.
sendMessageGeoLocationAction User is selecting a location to share.
sendMessageChooseContactAction User is selecting a contact to share.
sendMessageGamePlayAction User is playing a game
sendMessageRecordRoundAction User is recording a round video to share
sendMessageUploadRoundAction User is uploading a round video
speakingInGroupCallAction User is currently speaking in the group call
sendMessageHistoryImportAction Chat history is being imported
sendMessageChooseStickerAction User is choosing a sticker
sendMessageEmojiInteraction User has clicked on an animated emoji triggering a reaction, click here for more info ».
sendMessageEmojiInteractionSeen User is watching an animated emoji reaction triggered by another user, click here for more info ».