Identifier of a history import session, click here for more info ».

messages.historyImport#1662af0b id:long = messages.HistoryImport;


messages.initHistoryImport#34090c3b peer:InputPeer file:InputFile media_count:int = messages.HistoryImport;


Constructor Description
messages.historyImport ID of a specific chat import session


Method Description
messages.initHistoryImport Import chat history from a foreign chat app into a specific Telegram chat.
Make sure to call messages.checkHistoryImportPeer, first, to make sure you have the rights to import history into this chat, and to show an additional confirmation prompt to the user with useful information returned by the RPC call.
Typically, history imports are allowed for private chats with a mutual contact or supergroups with change_info administrator rights ».

After initializing the history import process and uploading all media files associated with the chat using messages.uploadImportedMedia, call messages.startHistoryImport to complete the history import process, importing all messages into the chat.

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