Object contains info on one message with auxiliary data and data on the current state of updates.

messages.statedMessage#d07ae726 message:Message chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> pts:int seq:int = messages.StatedMessage;
messages.statedMessageLink#a9af2881 message:Message chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> links:Vector<contacts.Link> pts:int seq:int = messages.StatedMessage;


messages.sendMedia#a3c85d76 peer:InputPeer media:InputMedia random_id:long = messages.StatedMessage;
messages.editChatTitle#b4bc68b5 chat_id:int title:string = messages.StatedMessage;
messages.editChatPhoto#d881821d chat_id:int photo:InputChatPhoto = messages.StatedMessage;
messages.addChatUser#2ee9ee9e chat_id:int user_id:InputUser fwd_limit:int = messages.StatedMessage;
messages.deleteChatUser#c3c5cd23 chat_id:int user_id:InputUser = messages.StatedMessage;
messages.createChat#419d9aee users:Vector<InputUser> title:string = messages.StatedMessage;


messages.statedMessage Message with auxiliary data and updates state data.
messages.statedMessageLink Messages with auxiliary data, updates state data, as well as a list of changes links.
Constructor was added in third layer.


messages.sendMedia Sends message with non-text content
messages.editChatTitle Changes chat name, sends a respective service message
messages.editChatPhoto Changes chat photo, sends a respective service message
messages.addChatUser Adds a user to chat, sends a respective service message
messages.deleteChatUser Excludes a user from chat, sends a respective service message
messages.createChat Creates a new chat
messages.forwardMessage Forwards a single message