Discussion Widget

You can embed discussions from any public channel on your website. You only need a link to a post with comments to embed it together with all discussion.

If you have a website with articles and a telegram channel where you post links to these articles, you can use this widget to show discussions from that channel on your website. In this case you only need a link to the channel. Discussions will be available on your website as soon as you post a link into the channel. For this to work, you should add the <link rel="canonical" href="%page_url%"> tag to the page header where %page_url% is the canonical URL of the current page.

Configure widget

You can choose options for your widget using the form below.

Make sure you have a <link rel="canonical" href="%page_url%"> tag in the page header with the canonical url of the current page.

Basic comments

If you're looking to simply add Telegram comments to pages on your website, without linking them with a channel, you can use our basic comments solution.