Each time the app is launched, contacts on the server are synced with the phone's address book. Contacts with Telegram accounts are shown first in list, followed by the rest of the contacts on the device.

Tapping a Telegram contact opens a chat with the user. Tapping an unregistered contact opens the invitation dialog — the standard SMS sending screeen. The input field should contain a standard text with a link, inviting the user to install the app.

1. Contacts list

2. Contact info

This screen can be accessed by tapping on:

  1. Header with name and picture in a 1-1 chat.
  2. User's profile photo next to a message in a group.
  3. An item on the group members list on a group's info screen.
  4. Name of the original sender in a forwarded message.
  5. An item on the blocked users list.

3. Edit Contact

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