Secret Chats

Messages in Secret Chats can't be forwarded to other users and have a self-destruct timer. Secret Chats are identified by a lock icon next to them.

1. Empty Chat

2. Secret Chat Info

Opened by tapping on the header. The info page contains self-desctruct timer settings and encryption key visualization. The pencil icon allows editing the contact.

3. Self-Destruct Timer

Users can set a self-desruct interval ranging from 1 second to 1 week. The options are: off || 1s || 2s || 3s || 4s || 5s || 6s || 7s || 8s || 9s || 10s || 11s || 12s || 13s || 14s || 15s || 1m || 1h || 1d || 1w.

4. Encryption Key Visualization

5. Self-Destructing Images

On shorter timers of 1 minute and less image previews are not shown in the chat. They are instead heavily blurred, have a flame icon and can only be viewed while the user keeps his finger pressed on the photo.

6. Countdown

As soon as the user views a photo, the self-destruct timer goes off. Countdown can be seen both in the photo viewer and in the chat list.

7. Outgoing Self-Destructing Images

On the sender's side no countdown is show. Once the timer starts, the flame icon is substituted by a big checkmark. The photo is then deleted as soon as the time runs out.

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