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Sending Media
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1. Chat screen

Messages are sorted chronologically, most recent at the bottom. Incoming messages are displayed on the left, outbound messages on the right side. In addition to messages, dates are Service messages are also displayed here.

The Back button in the lower left corner returns the user to the Chats List.

The header contains the photo and name of the chat partner or group. Below it a status message is displayed:

  • For 1-1 chats: ‘online’, ‘typing…’ (or any other action, same as in the chats list) or ‘last seen’.
  • For groups: “NN members, MM online”, “{Name} is typing…”, “{Name1}, {Name2} are typing…”.

2. Group Chats

Incoming messages in a group chat always contain sender's name and photo. This way group chats are visually different from 1-1 chats.

3. Coloring the Names

Each member of a group chat is assigned a color from the list below. Their names are highlighted in that color. In case a member of a group chat does not have a profile picture, a placeholder image in the corresponding color is used instead.

  • 0xee4928
  • 0x41a903
  • 0xe09602
  • 0x0f94ed
  • 0x8f3bf7
  • 0xfc4380
  • 0x00a1c4
  • 0xeb7002

4. Internal Notifications About New Messages

Internal notifications are shown if the user is currently inside the app, but is not viewing the chat in which the new message was sent. The user can hide the notification by tapping the close icon, or go to the corresponding chat by tapping on the notification itself. In case the user does nothing, the notification disappears after 3 seconds.

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