This is the default screen of the app. The Tab Bar in the lower part of this screen provides quick navigation between the three sections – Contacts, Chats and Settings.

1. Chats list

The chats are sorted chronologically, most recently updated first. The list includes all kinds of chats – group chats, ordinary 1-1 chats and secret chats. Secret chats in this list are always green, and group chats always show the sender‘s name for the last message (’you' in case the message was sent by the user).

  • Chats with unread messages have an unread counter in a green rectangle.
  • Read incoming messages are not marked in any way.
  • For outgoing messages, three icons are possible: a clock for messages being sent, a single or a double check mark (more on check marks below).

2. Typing status and other actions

If a chat partner is currently typing a message or performing some other action, the corresponding chat will show the status “typing…”, “uploading a photo…”, “recording a voice message…”, “sending a document…” for all one-on-one chats.

For group chats “{Name} is typing…”, “{Name} is uploading a photo…”, “{Name} is recording a voice message…”, “{Name} is sending a document…” are used.

Important: Telegram doesn‘t rely on pull-to-refresh mechanisms as all the data in the app is updated in real time (provided there’s an internet connection) and does not require any additional actions from the user.

3. Action Menu

The Action Menu can be opened by tapping the action button in the bottom right corner of the screen. It enables the user to start new chats of all kinds.

4. Deleting Chats

A long tap on any chat allows to delete it. Group chats offer two options – “Clear History” and “Delete And Exit”. Both these options require a confirmation from the user before any action actually takes place.

5. Connection Status

Current connection status is shown in the app's header: “Waiting for Network…”, “Connecting…”, “Updating…”. Connection status is shown in the header both on the Chats screen and inside individual chats and groups.

6. Search

The magnifying glass icon in the header allows users to search their Conversations and Messages. Search in Conversations shows matching titles of existing chats (all kinds of chats — 1-1, group and secret) followed by the names of Telegram contacts with whom the user has no conversations yet. Search results must be updated in real time as the user enters the query. Search in Conversations is client-side.

Messages search combines quick local results with results from a server-side search.

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