After the Intro, users arrive on the login page, where they are invited to enter their mobile phone number and country code — either manually or by selecting their country from a list. You can get a list of countries and codes on countrycode.org or simply exctract it from the source code of other Telegram apps.

1. Enter phone number, select a country code

2. Enter confirmation code

If the user doesn‘t enter the activation code within a period of time (determined by the Telegram server), the app must invoke an automatic phone call from Telegram that’ll dictate the activation code.

After the user enters a valid activation code:

  • Existing users are redirected to their Chats list.
  • New users are invited to register by entering their name and uploading a photo. After a successful registration, users are redirected to the Chats section.

3. Registration

4. Errors

This window is displayed in case the entered data is invalid or there's a connection issue.

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