channelParticipantAdmin#34c3bb53 flags:# can_edit:flags.0?true self:flags.1?true user_id:long inviter_id:flags.1?long promoted_by:long date:int admin_rights:ChatAdminRights rank:flags.2?string = ChannelParticipant;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
can_edit flags.0?true Can this admin promote other admins with the same permissions?
self flags.1?true Is this the current user
user_id long Admin user ID
inviter_id flags.1?long User that invited the admin to the channel/group
promoted_by long User that promoted the user to admin
date int When did the user join
admin_rights ChatAdminRights Admin rights
rank flags.2?string The role (rank) of the admin in the group: just an arbitrary string, admin by default



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