Exported chat invite

chatInviteExported#b18105e8 flags:# revoked:flags.0?true permanent:flags.5?true link:string admin_id:long date:int start_date:flags.4?int expire_date:flags.1?int usage_limit:flags.2?int usage:flags.3?int = ExportedChatInvite;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
revoked flags.0?true Whether this chat invite was revoked
permanent flags.5?true Whether this chat invite has no expiration
link string Chat invitation link
admin_id long ID of the admin that created this chat invite
date int When was this chat invite created
start_date flags.4?int When was this chat invite last modified
expire_date flags.1?int When does this chat invite expire
usage_limit flags.2?int Maximum number of users that can join using this link
usage flags.3?int How many users joined using this link