Current configuration

config#330b4067 flags:# phonecalls_enabled:flags.1?true default_p2p_contacts:flags.3?true preload_featured_stickers:flags.4?true ignore_phone_entities:flags.5?true revoke_pm_inbox:flags.6?true blocked_mode:flags.8?true pfs_enabled:flags.13?true date:int expires:int test_mode:Bool this_dc:int dc_options:Vector<DcOption> dc_txt_domain_name:string chat_size_max:int megagroup_size_max:int forwarded_count_max:int online_update_period_ms:int offline_blur_timeout_ms:int offline_idle_timeout_ms:int online_cloud_timeout_ms:int notify_cloud_delay_ms:int notify_default_delay_ms:int push_chat_period_ms:int push_chat_limit:int saved_gifs_limit:int edit_time_limit:int revoke_time_limit:int revoke_pm_time_limit:int rating_e_decay:int stickers_recent_limit:int stickers_faved_limit:int channels_read_media_period:int tmp_sessions:flags.0?int pinned_dialogs_count_max:int pinned_infolder_count_max:int call_receive_timeout_ms:int call_ring_timeout_ms:int call_connect_timeout_ms:int call_packet_timeout_ms:int me_url_prefix:string autoupdate_url_prefix:flags.7?string gif_search_username:flags.9?string venue_search_username:flags.10?string img_search_username:flags.11?string static_maps_provider:flags.12?string caption_length_max:int message_length_max:int webfile_dc_id:int suggested_lang_code:flags.2?string lang_pack_version:flags.2?int base_lang_pack_version:flags.2?int = Config;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
phonecalls_enabled flags.1?true Whether phone calls can be used
default_p2p_contacts flags.3?true Whether the client should use P2P by default for phone calls with contacts
preload_featured_stickers flags.4?true Whether the client should preload featured stickers
ignore_phone_entities flags.5?true Whether the client should ignore phone entities
revoke_pm_inbox flags.6?true Whether incoming private messages can be deleted for both participants
blocked_mode flags.8?true Indicates that telegram is probably censored by governments/ISPs in the current region
pfs_enabled flags.13?true Whether pfs was used
date int Current date at the server
expires int Expiration date of this config: when it expires it'll have to be refetched using help.getConfig
test_mode Bool Whether we're connected to the test DCs
this_dc int ID of the DC that returned the reply
dc_options Vector<DcOption> DC IP list
dc_txt_domain_name string Domain name for fetching encrypted DC list from DNS TXT record
chat_size_max int Maximum member count for normal groups
megagroup_size_max int Maximum member count for supergroups
forwarded_count_max int Maximum number of messages that can be forwarded at once using messages.forwardMessages.
online_update_period_ms int The client should update its online status every N milliseconds
offline_blur_timeout_ms int Delay before offline status needs to be sent to the server
offline_idle_timeout_ms int Time without any user activity after which it should be treated offline
online_cloud_timeout_ms int If we are offline, but were online from some other client in last online_cloud_timeout_ms milliseconds after we had gone offline, then delay offline notification for notify_cloud_delay_ms milliseconds.
notify_cloud_delay_ms int If we are offline, but online from some other client then delay sending the offline notification for notify_cloud_delay_ms milliseconds.
notify_default_delay_ms int If some other client is online, then delay notification for notification_default_delay_ms milliseconds
push_chat_period_ms int Not for client use
push_chat_limit int Not for client use
saved_gifs_limit int Maximum count of saved gifs
edit_time_limit int Only messages with age smaller than the one specified can be edited
revoke_time_limit int Only channel/supergroup messages with age smaller than the specified can be deleted
revoke_pm_time_limit int Only private messages with age smaller than the specified can be deleted
rating_e_decay int Exponential decay rate for computing top peer rating
stickers_recent_limit int Maximum number of recent stickers
stickers_faved_limit int Maximum number of faved stickers
channels_read_media_period int Indicates that round videos (video notes) and voice messages sent in channels and older than the specified period must be marked as read
tmp_sessions flags.0?int Temporary passport sessions
pinned_dialogs_count_max int Maximum count of pinned dialogs
pinned_infolder_count_max int Maximum count of dialogs per folder
call_receive_timeout_ms int Maximum allowed outgoing ring time in VoIP calls: if the user we're calling doesn't reply within the specified time (in milliseconds), we should hang up the call
call_ring_timeout_ms int Maximum allowed incoming ring time in VoIP calls: if the current user doesn't reply within the specified time (in milliseconds), the call will be automatically refused
call_connect_timeout_ms int VoIP connection timeout: if the instance of libtgvoip on the other side of the call doesn't connect to our instance of libtgvoip within the specified time (in milliseconds), the call must be aborted
call_packet_timeout_ms int If during a VoIP call a packet isn't received for the specified period of time, the call must be aborted
me_url_prefix string The domain to use to parse in-app links.
For example indicates that links should parsed to @username, should be parsed to the appropriate stickerset and so on...
autoupdate_url_prefix flags.7?string URL to use to auto-update the current app
gif_search_username flags.9?string Username of the bot to use to search for GIFs
venue_search_username flags.10?string Username of the bot to use to search for venues
img_search_username flags.11?string Username of the bot to use for image search
static_maps_provider flags.12?string ID of the map provider to use for venues
caption_length_max int Maximum length of caption (length in utf8 codepoints)
message_length_max int Maximum length of messages (length in utf8 codepoints)
webfile_dc_id int DC ID to use to download webfiles
suggested_lang_code flags.2?string Suggested language code
lang_pack_version flags.2?int Language pack version
base_lang_pack_version flags.2?int Basic language pack version



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