Represents a message draft.

draftMessage#3fccf7ef flags:# no_webpage:flags.1?true invert_media:flags.6?true reply_to:flags.4?InputReplyTo message:string entities:flags.3?Vector<MessageEntity> media:flags.5?InputMedia date:int = DraftMessage;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
no_webpage flags.1?true Whether no webpage preview will be generated
invert_media flags.6?true If set, any eventual webpage preview will be shown on top of the message instead of at the bottom.
reply_to flags.4?InputReplyTo If set, indicates that the message should be sent in reply to the specified message or story.
message string The draft
entities flags.3?Vector<MessageEntity> Message entities for styled text.
media flags.5?InputMedia Media.
date int Date of last update of the draft.



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