Represents a forum topic.

forumTopic#71701da9 flags:# my:flags.1?true closed:flags.2?true pinned:flags.3?true short:flags.5?true hidden:flags.6?true id:int date:int title:string icon_color:int icon_emoji_id:flags.0?long top_message:int read_inbox_max_id:int read_outbox_max_id:int unread_count:int unread_mentions_count:int unread_reactions_count:int from_id:Peer notify_settings:PeerNotifySettings draft:flags.4?DraftMessage = ForumTopic;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
my flags.1?true Whether the topic was created by the current user
closed flags.2?true Whether the topic is closed (no messages can be sent to it)
pinned flags.3?true Whether the topic is pinned
short flags.5?true Whether this constructor is a reduced version of the full topic information.
If set, only the my, closed, id, date, title, icon_color, icon_emoji_id and from_id parameters will contain valid information.
Reduced info is usually only returned in topic-related admin log events ยป and in the messages.channelMessages constructor: if needed, full information can be fetched using channels.getForumTopicsByID.
hidden flags.6?true Whether the topic is hidden (only valid for the "General" topic, id=1)
id int Topic ID
date int Topic creation date
title string Topic title
icon_color int If no custom emoji icon is specified, specifies the color of the fallback topic icon (RGB), one of 0x6FB9F0, 0xFFD67E, 0xCB86DB, 0x8EEE98, 0xFF93B2, or 0xFB6F5F.
icon_emoji_id flags.0?long ID of the custom emoji used as topic icon.
top_message int ID of the last message that was sent to this topic
read_inbox_max_id int Position up to which all incoming messages are read.
read_outbox_max_id int Position up to which all outgoing messages are read.
unread_count int Number of unread messages
unread_mentions_count int Number of unread mentions
unread_reactions_count int Number of unread reactions to messages you sent
from_id Peer ID of the peer that created the topic
notify_settings PeerNotifySettings Notification settings
draft flags.4?DraftMessage Message draft



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