Contains info about a color palette ».

help.peerColorOption#ef8430ab flags:# hidden:flags.0?true color_id:int colors:flags.1?help.PeerColorSet dark_colors:flags.2?help.PeerColorSet channel_min_level:flags.3?int = help.PeerColorOption;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
hidden flags.0?true Whether this palette should not be displayed as an option to the user when choosing a palette to apply to profile pages or message accents.
color_id int Palette ID.
colors flags.1?help.PeerColorSet Light mode palette.
Will be empty for IDs 0 to 6 inclusive, in which case a palette containing a single color from the following colors should be used: red, orange, violet, green, cyan, blue, pink for indexes 0 to 6.
dark_colors flags.2?help.PeerColorSet Dark mode palette. Optional, defaults to the palette in colors (or the autogenerated palette for IDs 0 to 6) if absent.
channel_min_level flags.3?int Channels can use this palette only after reaching at least the boost level specified in this field.



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