Live geolocation

inputMediaGeoLive#971fa843 flags:# stopped:flags.0?true geo_point:InputGeoPoint heading:flags.2?int period:flags.1?int proximity_notification_radius:flags.3?int = InputMedia;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
stopped flags.0?true Whether sending of the geolocation was stopped
geo_point InputGeoPoint Current geolocation
heading flags.2?int For live locations, a direction in which the location moves, in degrees; 1-360.
period flags.1?int Validity period of the current location
proximity_notification_radius flags.3?int For live locations, a maximum distance to another chat member for proximity alerts, in meters (0-100000)



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Live geolocation

Telegram allows sending the live geolocation of a user in a chat, optionally setting a proximity alert.