Notification settings.

inputPeerNotifySettings#cacb6ae2 flags:# show_previews:flags.0?Bool silent:flags.1?Bool mute_until:flags.2?int sound:flags.3?NotificationSound stories_muted:flags.6?Bool stories_hide_sender:flags.7?Bool stories_sound:flags.8?NotificationSound = InputPeerNotifySettings;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
show_previews flags.0?Bool If the text of the message shall be displayed in notification
silent flags.1?Bool Peer was muted?
mute_until flags.2?int Date until which all notifications shall be switched off
sound flags.3?NotificationSound Identifier of an audio file to play for notifications.
stories_muted flags.6?Bool Whether story notifications should be disabled.
stories_hide_sender flags.7?Bool Whether the sender name should be displayed in story notifications.
stories_sound flags.8?NotificationSound Identifier of an audio file to play for story notifications.