Identifies a localization pack

langPackLanguage#eeca5ce3 flags:# official:flags.0?true rtl:flags.2?true beta:flags.3?true name:string native_name:string lang_code:string base_lang_code:flags.1?string plural_code:string strings_count:int translated_count:int translations_url:string = LangPackLanguage;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
official flags.0?true Whether the language pack is official
rtl flags.2?true Is this a localization pack for an RTL language
beta flags.3?true Is this a beta localization pack?
name string Language name
native_name string Language name in the language itself
lang_code string Language code (pack identifier)
base_lang_code flags.1?string Identifier of a base language pack; may be empty. If a string is missed in the language pack, then it should be fetched from base language pack. Unsupported in custom language packs
plural_code string A language code to be used to apply plural forms. See for more info
strings_count int Total number of non-deleted strings from the language pack
translated_count int Total number of translated strings from the language pack
translations_url string Link to language translation interface; empty for custom local language packs