The Time-To-Live of messages in this chat was changed.

messageActionSetMessagesTTL#3c134d7b flags:# period:int auto_setting_from:flags.0?long = MessageAction;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
period int New Time-To-Live of all messages sent in this chat; if 0, autodeletion was disabled.
auto_setting_from flags.0?long If set, the chat TTL setting was set not due to a manual change by one of participants, but automatically because one of the participants has the default TTL settings enabled ยป. For example, when a user writes to us for the first time and we have set a default messages TTL of 1 week, this service message (with auto_setting_from=our_userid) will be emitted before our first message.



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Changes the default value of the Time-To-Live setting, applied to all new chats.