Contains info about a giveaway, see here » for more info.

messageMediaGiveaway#daad85b0 flags:# only_new_subscribers:flags.0?true winners_are_visible:flags.2?true channels:Vector<long> countries_iso2:flags.1?Vector<string> prize_description:flags.3?string quantity:int months:int until_date:int = MessageMedia;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
only_new_subscribers flags.0?true If set, only new subscribers starting from the giveaway creation date will be able to participate to the giveaway.
winners_are_visible flags.2?true If set, giveaway winners are public and will be listed in a messageMediaGiveawayResults message that will be automatically sent to the channel once the giveaway ends.
channels Vector<long> The channels that the user must join to participate in the giveaway.
countries_iso2 flags.1?Vector<string> If set, only users residing in these countries can participate in the giveaway, (specified as a list of two-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes); otherwise there are no country-based limitations.
prize_description flags.3?string Can contain a textual description of additional giveaway prizes.
quantity int Number of Telegram Premium subscriptions given away.
months int Duration in months of each Telegram Premium subscription in the giveaway.
until_date int The end date of the giveaway.



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A giveaway with public winners has finished, this constructor contains info about the winners.

Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium is an optional subscription service that unlocks additional exclusive client-side and API-side features, while helping support the development of the app.


Telegram channel administrators may launch giveaways to randomly distribute Telegram Premium subscriptions and other gifts among their followers, in exchange for boosts.