Preview of webpage

messageMediaWebPage#ddf10c3b flags:# force_large_media:flags.0?true force_small_media:flags.1?true manual:flags.3?true safe:flags.4?true webpage:WebPage = MessageMedia;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
force_large_media flags.0?true If set, specifies that a large media preview should be used.
force_small_media flags.1?true If set, specifies that a small media preview should be used.
manual flags.3?true If set, indicates that the URL used for the webpage preview was specified manually using inputMediaWebPage, and may not be related to any of the URLs specified in the message.
safe flags.4?true If set, the webpage can be opened directly without user confirmation; otherwise, user confirmation is required, showing the exact URL that will be opened.
webpage WebPage Webpage preview



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Specifies options that will be used to generate the link preview for the caption, or even a standalone link preview without an attached message.