Transcribed text from a voice message »

messages.transcribedAudio#cfb9d957 flags:# pending:flags.0?true transcription_id:long text:string trial_remains_num:flags.1?int trial_remains_until_date:flags.1?int = messages.TranscribedAudio;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
pending flags.0?true Whether the transcription is partial because audio transcription is still in progress, if set the user may receive further updateTranscribedAudio updates with the updated transcription.
transcription_id long Transcription ID
text string Transcripted text
trial_remains_num flags.1?int For non-Premium users, this flag will be set, indicating the remaining transcriptions in the free trial period.
trial_remains_until_date flags.1?int For non-Premium users, this flag will be set, indicating the date when the trial_remains_num counter will be reset to the maximum value of transcribe_audio_trial_weekly_number.



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A pending voice message transcription » initiated with messages.transcribeAudio was updated.

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Voice message transcription

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