Table cell

pageTableCell#34566b6a flags:# header:flags.0?true align_center:flags.3?true align_right:flags.4?true valign_middle:flags.5?true valign_bottom:flags.6?true text:flags.7?RichText colspan:flags.1?int rowspan:flags.2?int = PageTableCell;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
header flags.0?true Is this element part of the column header
align_center flags.3?true Horizontally centered block
align_right flags.4?true Right-aligned block
valign_middle flags.5?true Vertically centered block
valign_bottom flags.6?true Block vertically-aligned to the bottom
text flags.7?RichText Content
colspan flags.1?int For how many columns should this cell extend
rowspan flags.2?int For how many rows should this cell extend