A giveaway has ended.

payments.giveawayInfoResults#cd5570 flags:# winner:flags.0?true refunded:flags.1?true start_date:int gift_code_slug:flags.0?string finish_date:int winners_count:int activated_count:int = payments.GiveawayInfo;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
winner flags.0?true Whether we're one of the winners of this giveaway.
refunded flags.1?true Whether the giveaway was canceled and was fully refunded.
start_date int Start date of the giveaway
gift_code_slug flags.0?string If we're one of the winners of this giveaway, contains the Premium gift code, see here ยป for more info on the full giveaway flow.
finish_date int End date of the giveaway. May be bigger than the end date specified in parameters of the giveaway.
winners_count int Number of winners in the giveaway
activated_count int Number of winners, which activated their gift codes.



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Telegram channel administrators may launch giveaways to randomly distribute Telegram Premium subscriptions and other gifts among their followers, in exchange for boosts.