Payment form

payments.paymentForm#a0058751 flags:# can_save_credentials:flags.2?true password_missing:flags.3?true form_id:long bot_id:long title:string description:string photo:flags.5?WebDocument invoice:Invoice provider_id:long url:string native_provider:flags.4?string native_params:flags.4?DataJSON additional_methods:flags.6?Vector<PaymentFormMethod> saved_info:flags.0?PaymentRequestedInfo saved_credentials:flags.1?Vector<PaymentSavedCredentials> users:Vector<User> = payments.PaymentForm;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
can_save_credentials flags.2?true Whether the user can choose to save credentials.
password_missing flags.3?true Indicates that the user can save payment credentials, but only after setting up a 2FA password (currently the account doesn't have a 2FA password)
form_id long Form ID
bot_id long Bot ID
title string Form title
description string Description
photo flags.5?WebDocument Product photo
invoice Invoice Invoice
provider_id long Payment provider ID.
url string Payment form URL
native_provider flags.4?string Payment provider name.
One of the following:
- stripe
native_params flags.4?DataJSON Contains information about the payment provider, if available, to support it natively without the need for opening the URL.
A JSON object that can contain the following fields:

- apple_pay_merchant_id: Apple Pay merchant ID
- google_pay_public_key: Google Pay public key
- need_country: True, if the user country must be provided,
- need_zip: True, if the user ZIP/postal code must be provided,
- need_cardholder_name: True, if the cardholder name must be provided
additional_methods flags.6?Vector<PaymentFormMethod> Additional payment methods
saved_info flags.0?PaymentRequestedInfo Saved server-side order information
saved_credentials flags.1?Vector<PaymentSavedCredentials> Contains information about saved card credentials
users Vector<User> Users



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