Represents a stickerset (stickerpack)

stickerSet#2dd14edc flags:# archived:flags.1?true official:flags.2?true masks:flags.3?true animated:flags.5?true videos:flags.6?true emojis:flags.7?true text_color:flags.9?true channel_emoji_status:flags.10?true installed_date:flags.0?int id:long access_hash:long title:string short_name:string thumbs:flags.4?Vector<PhotoSize> thumb_dc_id:flags.4?int thumb_version:flags.4?int thumb_document_id:flags.8?long count:int hash:int = StickerSet;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
archived flags.1?true Whether this stickerset was archived (due to too many saved stickers in the current account)
official flags.2?true Is this stickerset official
masks flags.3?true Is this a mask stickerset
animated flags.5?true Is this an animated stickerpack
videos flags.6?true Is this a video stickerpack
emojis flags.7?true This is a custom emoji stickerset
text_color flags.9?true Whether the color of this TGS custom emoji stickerset should be changed to the text color when used in messages, the accent color if used as emoji status, white on chat photos, or another appropriate color based on context.
channel_emoji_status flags.10?true If set, this custom emoji stickerset can be used in channel emoji statuses.
installed_date flags.0?int When was this stickerset installed
id long ID of the stickerset
access_hash long Access hash of stickerset
title string Title of stickerset
short_name string Short name of stickerset, used when sharing stickerset using stickerset deep links.
thumbs flags.4?Vector<PhotoSize> Stickerset thumbnail
thumb_dc_id flags.4?int DC ID of thumbnail
thumb_version flags.4?int Thumbnail version
thumb_document_id flags.8?long Document ID of custom emoji thumbnail, fetch the document using messages.getCustomEmojiDocuments
count int Number of stickers in pack
hash int Hash



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Fetch custom emoji stickers ยป.

Returns a list of documents with the animated custom emoji in TGS format, and a documentAttributeCustomEmoji attribute with the original emoji and info about the emoji stickerset this custom emoji belongs to.