Aggregated view and reaction information of a story.

storyViews#8d595cd6 flags:# has_viewers:flags.1?true views_count:int forwards_count:flags.2?int reactions:flags.3?Vector<ReactionCount> reactions_count:flags.4?int recent_viewers:flags.0?Vector<long> = StoryViews;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
has_viewers flags.1?true If set, indicates that the viewers list is currently viewable, and was not yet deleted because the story has expired while the user didn't have a Premium account.
views_count int View counter of the story
forwards_count flags.2?int Forward counter of the story
reactions flags.3?Vector<ReactionCount> All reactions sent to this story
reactions_count flags.4?int Number of reactions added to the story
recent_viewers flags.0?Vector<long> User IDs of some recent viewers of the story



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