Try logging to an account protected by a 2FA password.

auth.authorization#cd050916 flags:# tmp_sessions:flags.0?int user:User = auth.Authorization;
auth.authorizationSignUpRequired#44747e9a flags:# terms_of_service:flags.0?help.TermsOfService = auth.Authorization;
auth.checkPassword#d18b4d16 password:InputCheckPasswordSRP = auth.Authorization;


Name Type Description
password InputCheckPasswordSRP The account's password (see SRP)



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 BOT_METHOD_INVALID This method can't be used by a bot
400 PASSWORD_HASH_INVALID The provided password isn't valid
400 SRP_ID_INVALID Invalid SRP ID provided
400 SRP_PASSWORD_CHANGED Password has changed

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