Resend the login code via another medium, the phone code type is determined by the return value of the previous auth.sendCode/auth.resendCode: see login for more info.

auth.sentCode#5e002502 flags:# type:auth.SentCodeType phone_code_hash:string next_type:flags.1?auth.CodeType timeout:flags.2?int = auth.SentCode;
auth.resendCode#3ef1a9bf phone_number:string phone_code_hash:string = auth.SentCode;


Name Type Description
phone_number string The phone number
phone_code_hash string The phone code hash obtained from auth.sendCode



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 BOT_METHOD_INVALID This method can't be used by a bot
400 PHONE_NUMBER_INVALID The phone number is invalid

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