Deletes communication history.

messages.affectedHistory#b45c69d1 pts:int pts_count:int offset:int = messages.AffectedHistory;
messages.deleteHistory#b08f922a flags:# just_clear:flags.0?true revoke:flags.1?true peer:InputPeer max_id:int min_date:flags.2?int max_date:flags.3?int = messages.AffectedHistory;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
just_clear flags.0?true Just clear history for the current user, without actually removing messages for every chat user
revoke flags.1?true Whether to delete the message history for all chat participants
peer InputPeer User or chat, communication history of which will be deleted
max_id int Maximum ID of message to delete
min_date flags.2?int Delete all messages newer than this UNIX timestamp
max_date flags.3?int Delete all messages older than this UNIX timestamp



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 CHANNEL_PRIVATE You haven't joined this channel/supergroup.
400 CHAT_ID_INVALID The provided chat id is invalid.
400 MAX_DATE_INVALID The specified maximum date is invalid.
400 MESSAGE_ID_INVALID The provided message id is invalid.
400 MSG_ID_INVALID Invalid message ID provided.
400 PEER_ID_INVALID The provided peer id is invalid.