Get instant view page

webPageEmpty#eb1477e8 id:long = WebPage;
webPagePending#c586da1c id:long date:int = WebPage;
webPage#e89c45b2 flags:# id:long url:string display_url:string hash:int type:flags.0?string site_name:flags.1?string title:flags.2?string description:flags.3?string photo:flags.4?Photo embed_url:flags.5?string embed_type:flags.5?string embed_width:flags.6?int embed_height:flags.6?int duration:flags.7?int author:flags.8?string document:flags.9?Document cached_page:flags.10?Page attributes:flags.12?Vector<WebPageAttribute> = WebPage;
webPageNotModified#7311ca11 flags:# cached_page_views:flags.0?int = WebPage;
messages.getWebPage#32ca8f91 url:string hash:int = WebPage;


Name Type Description
url string URL of IV page to fetch
hash int Hash for pagination, for more info click here



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 WC_CONVERT_URL_INVALID WC convert URL invalid.

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