Obtains a list of messages, indicating to which other public channels was a channel message forwarded.
Will return a list of messages with peer_id equal to the public channel to which this message was forwarded.

messages.messages#8c718e87 messages:Vector<Message> chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> = messages.Messages;
messages.messagesSlice#3a54685e flags:# inexact:flags.1?true count:int next_rate:flags.0?int offset_id_offset:flags.2?int messages:Vector<Message> chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> = messages.Messages;
messages.channelMessages#c776ba4e flags:# inexact:flags.1?true pts:int count:int offset_id_offset:flags.2?int messages:Vector<Message> topics:Vector<ForumTopic> chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> = messages.Messages;
messages.messagesNotModified#74535f21 count:int = messages.Messages;
stats.getMessagePublicForwards#5630281b channel:InputChannel msg_id:int offset_rate:int offset_peer:InputPeer offset_id:int limit:int = messages.Messages;


Name Type Description
channel InputChannel Source channel
msg_id int Source message ID
offset_rate int Initially 0, then set to the next_rate parameter of messages.messagesSlice
offset_peer InputPeer Offsets for pagination, for more info click here
offset_id int Offsets for pagination, for more info click here
limit int Maximum number of results to return, see pagination



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 CHANNEL_INVALID The provided channel is invalid.
400 CHAT_ADMIN_REQUIRED You must be an admin in this chat to do this.
400 MESSAGE_ID_INVALID The provided message id is invalid.
400 PEER_ID_INVALID The provided peer id is invalid.

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