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ReportReason Class Reference

Inherits Object.

Inherited by reportReasonChildAbuse, reportReasonCopyright, reportReasonCustom, reportReasonFake, reportReasonIllegalDrugs, reportReasonPersonalDetails, reportReasonPornography, reportReasonSpam, reportReasonUnrelatedLocation, and reportReasonViolence.


This class is an abstract base class. Describes the reason why a chat is reported.

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- Public Instance Methods inherited from TlObject
virtual std::int32_t get_id () const =0
virtual void store (TlStorerUnsafe &s) const
virtual void store (TlStorerCalcLength &s) const
virtual void store (TlStorerToString &s, const char *field_name) const =0
 TlObject ()=default
 TlObject (const TlObject &)=delete
TlObjectoperator= (const TlObject &)=delete
 TlObject (TlObject &&)=default
TlObjectoperator= (TlObject &&)=default
virtual ~TlObject ()=default

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