Bot or inline keyboard buttons

keyboardButton#a2fa4880 text:string = KeyboardButton;
keyboardButtonUrl#258aff05 text:string url:string = KeyboardButton;
keyboardButtonCallback#35bbdb6b flags:# requires_password:flags.0?true text:string data:bytes = KeyboardButton;
keyboardButtonRequestPhone#b16a6c29 text:string = KeyboardButton;
keyboardButtonRequestGeoLocation#fc796b3f text:string = KeyboardButton;
keyboardButtonSwitchInline#568a748 flags:# same_peer:flags.0?true text:string query:string = KeyboardButton;
keyboardButtonGame#50f41ccf text:string = KeyboardButton;
keyboardButtonBuy#afd93fbb text:string = KeyboardButton;
keyboardButtonUrlAuth#10b78d29 flags:# text:string fwd_text:flags.0?string url:string button_id:int = KeyboardButton;
inputKeyboardButtonUrlAuth#d02e7fd4 flags:# request_write_access:flags.0?true text:string fwd_text:flags.1?string url:string bot:InputUser = KeyboardButton;
keyboardButtonRequestPoll#bbc7515d flags:# quiz:flags.0?Bool text:string = KeyboardButton;


Constructor Description
keyboardButton Bot keyboard button
keyboardButtonUrl URL button
keyboardButtonCallback Callback button
keyboardButtonRequestPhone Button to request a user's phone number
keyboardButtonRequestGeoLocation Button to request a user's geolocation
keyboardButtonSwitchInline Button to force a user to switch to inline mode Pressing the button will prompt the user to select one of their chats, open that chat and insert the bot‘s username and the specified inline query in the input field.
keyboardButtonGame Button to start a game
keyboardButtonBuy Button to buy a product
keyboardButtonUrlAuth Button to request a user to authorize via URL using Seamless Telegram Login. When the user clicks on such a button, messages.requestUrlAuth should be called, providing the button_id and the ID of the container message. The returned urlAuthResultRequest object will contain more details about the authorization request (request_write_access if the bot would like to send messages to the user along with the username of the bot which will be used for user authorization). Finally, the user can choose to call messages.acceptUrlAuth to get a urlAuthResultAccepted with the URL to open instead of the url of this constructor, or a urlAuthResultDefault, in which case the url of this constructor must be opened, instead. If the user refuses the authorization request but still wants to open the link, the url of this constructor must be used.
inputKeyboardButtonUrlAuth Button to request a user to authorize via URL using Seamless Telegram Login.
keyboardButtonRequestPoll A button that allows the user to create and send a poll when pressed; available only in private