Contains information about a saved notification sound

account.savedRingtone#b7263f6d = account.SavedRingtone;
account.savedRingtoneConverted#1f307eb7 document:Document = account.SavedRingtone;


account.saveRingtone#3dea5b03 id:InputDocument unsave:Bool = account.SavedRingtone;


Constructor Description
account.savedRingtone The notification sound was already in MP3 format and was saved without any modification
account.savedRingtoneConverted The notification sound was not in MP3 format and was successfully converted and saved, use the returned Document to refer to the notification sound from now on


Method Description
account.saveRingtone Save or remove saved notification sound.

If the notification sound is already in MP3 format, account.savedRingtone will be returned.
Otherwise, it will be automatically converted and a account.savedRingtoneConverted will be returned, containing a new document object that should be used to refer to the ringtone from now on (ie when deleting it using the unsave parameter, or when downloading it).