List of peers that reacted to a specific story

stories.storyReactionsList#aa5f789c flags:# count:int reactions:Vector<StoryReaction> chats:Vector<Chat> users:Vector<User> next_offset:flags.0?string = stories.StoryReactionsList;


stories.getStoryReactionsList#b9b2881f flags:# forwards_first:flags.2?true peer:InputPeer id:int reaction:flags.0?Reaction offset:flags.1?string limit:int = stories.StoryReactionsList;


Constructor Description
stories.storyReactionsList List of peers that reacted to or intercated with a specific story


Method Description
stories.getStoryReactionsList Get the reaction and interaction list of a story posted to a channel, along with the sender of each reaction.

Can only be used by channel admins.

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