Represents a bot web app that can be launched from the attachment menu »

attachMenuBot#c8aa2cd2 flags:# inactive:flags.0?true has_settings:flags.1?true request_write_access:flags.2?true bot_id:long short_name:string peer_types:Vector<AttachMenuPeerType> icons:Vector<AttachMenuBotIcon> = AttachMenuBot;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
inactive flags.0?true Whether this bot attachment menu entry should be shown in the attachment menu (toggle using messages.toggleBotInAttachMenu)
has_settings flags.1?true True, if the bot supports the "settings_button_pressed" event »
request_write_access flags.2?true Whether the bot would like to send messages to the user.
bot_id long Bot ID
short_name string Attachment menu item name
peer_types Vector<AttachMenuPeerType> List of dialog types where this attachment menu entry should be shown
icons Vector<AttachMenuBotIcon> List of platform-specific static icons and animations to use for the attachment menu button



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