Bot attachment menu and side menu entries

Bots can install attachment menu and side menu entries, offering conveniently accessible, versatile mini apps.


user#215c4438 flags:# self:flags.10?true contact:flags.11?true mutual_contact:flags.12?true deleted:flags.13?true bot:flags.14?true bot_chat_history:flags.15?true bot_nochats:flags.16?true verified:flags.17?true restricted:flags.18?true min:flags.20?true bot_inline_geo:flags.21?true support:flags.23?true scam:flags.24?true apply_min_photo:flags.25?true fake:flags.26?true bot_attach_menu:flags.27?true premium:flags.28?true attach_menu_enabled:flags.29?true flags2:# bot_can_edit:flags2.1?true close_friend:flags2.2?true stories_hidden:flags2.3?true stories_unavailable:flags2.4?true id:long access_hash:flags.0?long first_name:flags.1?string last_name:flags.2?string username:flags.3?string phone:flags.4?string photo:flags.5?UserProfilePhoto status:flags.6?UserStatus bot_info_version:flags.14?int restriction_reason:flags.18?Vector<RestrictionReason> bot_inline_placeholder:flags.19?string lang_code:flags.22?string emoji_status:flags.30?EmojiStatus usernames:flags2.0?Vector<Username> stories_max_id:flags2.5?int color:flags2.8?PeerColor profile_color:flags2.9?PeerColor = User;

attachMenuBotsBot#93bf667f bot:AttachMenuBot users:Vector<User> = AttachMenuBotsBot;

attachMenuBot#d90d8dfe flags:# inactive:flags.0?true has_settings:flags.1?true request_write_access:flags.2?true show_in_attach_menu:flags.3?true show_in_side_menu:flags.4?true side_menu_disclaimer_needed:flags.5?true bot_id:long short_name:string peer_types:flags.3?Vector<AttachMenuPeerType> icons:Vector<AttachMenuBotIcon> = AttachMenuBot;

attachMenuPeerTypeSameBotPM#7d6be90e = AttachMenuPeerType;
attachMenuPeerTypeBotPM#c32bfa1a = AttachMenuPeerType;
attachMenuPeerTypePM#f146d31f = AttachMenuPeerType;
attachMenuPeerTypeChat#509113f = AttachMenuPeerType;
attachMenuPeerTypeBroadcast#7bfbdefc = AttachMenuPeerType;

attachMenuBotIcon#b2a7386b flags:# name:string icon:Document colors:flags.0?Vector<AttachMenuBotIconColor> = AttachMenuBotIcon;

attachMenuBotIconColor#4576f3f0 name:string color:int = AttachMenuBotIconColor;

updateAttachMenuBots#17b7a20b = Update;

attachMenuBotsNotModified#f1d88a5c = AttachMenuBots;
attachMenuBots#3c4301c0 hash:long bots:Vector<AttachMenuBot> users:Vector<User> = AttachMenuBots;


messages.getAttachMenuBot#77216192 bot:InputUser = AttachMenuBotsBot;

messages.toggleBotInAttachMenu#69f59d69 flags:# write_allowed:flags.0?true bot:InputUser enabled:Bool = Bool;

messages.getAttachMenuBots#16fcc2cb hash:long = AttachMenuBots;

Bots that have the bot_attach_menu flag set offer an attachment or side menu entry that can be added to the in-app attachment menu or main view side menu.

Use messages.getAttachMenuBot to get info about the attachment/side menu entry of a given bot, see the attachMenuBot constructor page for more info ».

The currently installed attachment/side menu list can be fetched using messages.getAttachMenuBots.

Use messages.toggleBotInAttachMenu to enable or disable the attachment and/or side menu of a given bot (the entries that must be installed or uninstalled depend on the values of the attachMenuBot.show_in_attach_menu and attachMenuBot.show_in_side_menu flags).
Changes made using this method will trigger an updateAttachMenuBots update in other clients, which should trigger a messages.getAttachMenuBots call to fetch the full updated list of installed attachment/side menu entries.
The attachment/side menu list should also be refreshed if the user changes the app's language in the settings.

Once an attachment/side menu is enabled for a certain user, the user.attach_menu_enabled flag will be set for the bot, and the attachMenuBot.inactive flag will be unset.

Clicking on the attachment/side menu entry should open the related attachment menu mini app, see here » and here » for more info on the required steps.

Attachment menus can be installed and opened through attachment/side menu deep links and through mini app links.

In particular, when clicking on such a link, messages.getAttachMenuBot should be invoked to check if the bot has an associated attachment/side menu entry, and if yes:

  • If the attachMenuBot.inactive flag:
    • set, the attachment/side menu entry is not installed.
      Thus, before launching the mini app when clicking on a attachment/side menu deep link, the client should show a prompt to the user, asking to add the mini app to the attachment/side menu.
      Note that if the attachMenuBot.side_menu_disclaimer_needed flag is set, an additional mandatory checkbox to accept the mini apps TOS and a disclaimer indicating that this Mini App is not affiliated to Telegram should be shown in the installation prompt.
      If the user accepts, invoke messages.toggleBotInAttachMenu with the write_allowed flag set and proceed to the next step, otherwise abort the process.
    • not set, and the attachMenuBot.side_menu_disclaimer_needed flag is still set, an additional mandatory checkbox to accept the mini apps TOS and a disclaimer indicating that this Mini App is not affiliated to Telegram should be shown.
      If the user accepts, proceed to the next step, otherwise abort the process.
  • Open the Mini App:
    • If the link is a direct mini app link, open the Mini App regardless of the currently open Telegram chat (in fact, the Mini App should opened even if the client itself is minimized), as specified here ».
    • For attachment/side menu links, check that the attachment menu can be opened in the chosen chat type by checking the attachMenuBot.peer_types field.
      • If the chosen chat is supported, open the attachment menu mini app » as specified here ».
      • Otherwise:
        • If the user has just installed the attachment menu @ step 1, notify the user that the attachment menu was installed successfully.
        • Otherwise, notify the user that the attachment menu webapp can't be opened in the specified chat.