Object contains info on events occured.

updateNewMessage#1f2b0afd message:Message pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateMessageID#4e90bfd6 id:int random_id:long = Update;
updateDeleteMessages#a20db0e5 messages:Vector<int> pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateUserTyping#5c486927 user_id:int action:SendMessageAction = Update;
updateChatUserTyping#9a65ea1f chat_id:int user_id:int action:SendMessageAction = Update;
updateChatParticipants#7761198 participants:ChatParticipants = Update;
updateUserStatus#1bfbd823 user_id:int status:UserStatus = Update;
updateUserName#a7332b73 user_id:int first_name:string last_name:string username:string = Update;
updateUserPhoto#95313b0c user_id:int date:int photo:UserProfilePhoto previous:Bool = Update;
updateNewEncryptedMessage#12bcbd9a message:EncryptedMessage qts:int = Update;
updateEncryptedChatTyping#1710f156 chat_id:int = Update;
updateEncryption#b4a2e88d chat:EncryptedChat date:int = Update;
updateEncryptedMessagesRead#38fe25b7 chat_id:int max_date:int date:int = Update;
updateChatParticipantAdd#ea4b0e5c chat_id:int user_id:int inviter_id:int date:int version:int = Update;
updateChatParticipantDelete#6e5f8c22 chat_id:int user_id:int version:int = Update;
updateDcOptions#8e5e9873 dc_options:Vector<DcOption> = Update;
updateNotifySettings#bec268ef peer:NotifyPeer notify_settings:PeerNotifySettings = Update;
updateServiceNotification#ebe46819 flags:# popup:flags.0?true inbox_date:flags.1?int type:string message:string media:MessageMedia entities:Vector<MessageEntity> = Update;
updatePrivacy#ee3b272a key:PrivacyKey rules:Vector<PrivacyRule> = Update;
updateUserPhone#12b9417b user_id:int phone:string = Update;
updateReadHistoryInbox#9c974fdf flags:# folder_id:flags.0?int peer:Peer max_id:int still_unread_count:int pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateReadHistoryOutbox#2f2f21bf peer:Peer max_id:int pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateWebPage#7f891213 webpage:WebPage pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateReadMessagesContents#68c13933 messages:Vector<int> pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateChannelTooLong#eb0467fb flags:# channel_id:int pts:flags.0?int = Update;
updateChannel#b6d45656 channel_id:int = Update;
updateNewChannelMessage#62ba04d9 message:Message pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateReadChannelInbox#330b5424 flags:# folder_id:flags.0?int channel_id:int max_id:int still_unread_count:int pts:int = Update;
updateDeleteChannelMessages#c37521c9 channel_id:int messages:Vector<int> pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateChannelMessageViews#98a12b4b channel_id:int id:int views:int = Update;
updateChatParticipantAdmin#b6901959 chat_id:int user_id:int is_admin:Bool version:int = Update;
updateNewStickerSet#688a30aa stickerset:messages.StickerSet = Update;
updateStickerSetsOrder#bb2d201 flags:# masks:flags.0?true order:Vector<long> = Update;
updateStickerSets#43ae3dec = Update;
updateSavedGifs#9375341e = Update;
updateBotInlineQuery#54826690 flags:# query_id:long user_id:int query:string geo:flags.0?GeoPoint offset:string = Update;
updateBotInlineSend#e48f964 flags:# user_id:int query:string geo:flags.0?GeoPoint id:string msg_id:flags.1?InputBotInlineMessageID = Update;
updateEditChannelMessage#1b3f4df7 message:Message pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateBotCallbackQuery#e73547e1 flags:# query_id:long user_id:int peer:Peer msg_id:int chat_instance:long data:flags.0?bytes game_short_name:flags.1?string = Update;
updateEditMessage#e40370a3 message:Message pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateInlineBotCallbackQuery#f9d27a5a flags:# query_id:long user_id:int msg_id:InputBotInlineMessageID chat_instance:long data:flags.0?bytes game_short_name:flags.1?string = Update;
updateReadChannelOutbox#25d6c9c7 channel_id:int max_id:int = Update;
updateDraftMessage#ee2bb969 peer:Peer draft:DraftMessage = Update;
updateReadFeaturedStickers#571d2742 = Update;
updateRecentStickers#9a422c20 = Update;
updateConfig#a229dd06 = Update;
updatePtsChanged#3354678f = Update;
updateChannelWebPage#40771900 channel_id:int webpage:WebPage pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updateDialogPinned#6e6fe51c flags:# pinned:flags.0?true folder_id:flags.1?int peer:DialogPeer = Update;
updatePinnedDialogs#fa0f3ca2 flags:# folder_id:flags.1?int order:flags.0?Vector<DialogPeer> = Update;
updateBotWebhookJSON#8317c0c3 data:DataJSON = Update;
updateBotWebhookJSONQuery#9b9240a6 query_id:long data:DataJSON timeout:int = Update;
updateBotShippingQuery#e0cdc940 query_id:long user_id:int payload:bytes shipping_address:PostAddress = Update;
updateBotPrecheckoutQuery#5d2f3aa9 flags:# query_id:long user_id:int payload:bytes info:flags.0?PaymentRequestedInfo shipping_option_id:flags.1?string currency:string total_amount:long = Update;
updatePhoneCall#ab0f6b1e phone_call:PhoneCall = Update;
updateLangPackTooLong#46560264 lang_code:string = Update;
updateLangPack#56022f4d difference:LangPackDifference = Update;
updateFavedStickers#e511996d = Update;
updateChannelReadMessagesContents#89893b45 channel_id:int messages:Vector<int> = Update;
updateContactsReset#7084a7be = Update;
updateChannelAvailableMessages#70db6837 channel_id:int available_min_id:int = Update;
updateDialogUnreadMark#e16459c3 flags:# unread:flags.0?true peer:DialogPeer = Update;
updateMessagePoll#aca1657b flags:# poll_id:long poll:flags.0?Poll results:PollResults = Update;
updateChatDefaultBannedRights#54c01850 peer:Peer default_banned_rights:ChatBannedRights version:int = Update;
updateFolderPeers#19360dc0 folder_peers:Vector<FolderPeer> pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updatePeerSettings#6a7e7366 peer:Peer settings:PeerSettings = Update;
updatePeerLocated#b4afcfb0 peers:Vector<PeerLocated> = Update;
updateNewScheduledMessage#39a51dfb message:Message = Update;
updateDeleteScheduledMessages#90866cee peer:Peer messages:Vector<int> = Update;
updateTheme#8216fba3 theme:Theme = Update;
updateGeoLiveViewed#871fb939 peer:Peer msg_id:int = Update;
updateLoginToken#564fe691 = Update;
updateMessagePollVote#42f88f2c poll_id:long user_id:int options:Vector<bytes> = Update;
updateDialogFilter#26ffde7d flags:# id:int filter:flags.0?DialogFilter = Update;
updateDialogFilterOrder#a5d72105 order:Vector<int> = Update;
updateDialogFilters#3504914f = Update;
updatePhoneCallSignalingData#2661bf09 phone_call_id:long data:bytes = Update;
updateChannelMessageForwards#6e8a84df channel_id:int id:int forwards:int = Update;
updateReadChannelDiscussionInbox#1cc7de54 flags:# channel_id:int top_msg_id:int read_max_id:int broadcast_id:flags.0?int broadcast_post:flags.0?int = Update;
updateReadChannelDiscussionOutbox#4638a26c channel_id:int top_msg_id:int read_max_id:int = Update;
updatePeerBlocked#246a4b22 peer_id:Peer blocked:Bool = Update;
updateChannelUserTyping#ff2abe9f flags:# channel_id:int top_msg_id:flags.0?int user_id:int action:SendMessageAction = Update;
updatePinnedMessages#ed85eab5 flags:# pinned:flags.0?true peer:Peer messages:Vector<int> pts:int pts_count:int = Update;
updatePinnedChannelMessages#8588878b flags:# pinned:flags.0?true channel_id:int messages:Vector<int> pts:int pts_count:int = Update;


Constructor Description
updateNewMessage New message.
updateMessageID Sent message with random_id client identifier was assigned an identifier.
updateDeleteMessages Messages were deleted.
updateUserTyping The user is preparing a message; typing, recording, uploading, etc. This update is valid for 6 seconds. If no repeated update received after 6 seconds, it should be considered that the user stopped doing whatever he's been doing.
updateChatUserTyping The user is preparing a message in a group; typing, recording, uploading, etc. This update is valid for 6 seconds. If no repeated update received after 6 seconds, it should be considered that the user stopped doing whatever he's been doing.
updateChatParticipants Composition of chat participants changed.
updateUserStatus Contact status update.
updateUserName Changes the user's first name, last name and username.
updateUserPhoto Change of contact's profile photo.
updateNewEncryptedMessage New encrypted message.
updateEncryptedChatTyping Interlocutor is typing a message in an encrypted chat. Update period is 6 second. If upon this time there is no repeated update, it shall be considered that the interlocutor stopped typing.
updateEncryption Change of state in an encrypted chat.
updateEncryptedMessagesRead Communication history in an encrypted chat was marked as read.
updateChatParticipantAdd New group member.
updateChatParticipantDelete A member has left the group.
updateDcOptions Changes in the data center configuration options.
updateNotifySettings Changes in notification settings.
updateServiceNotification A service message for the user.

The app must show the message to the user upon receiving this update. In case the popup parameter was passed, the text message must be displayed in a popup alert immediately upon receipt. It is recommended to handle the text as you would an ordinary message in terms of highlighting links, etc. The message must also be stored locally as part of the message history with the user id 777000 (Telegram Notifications).
updatePrivacy Privacy rules were changed
updateUserPhone A user's phone number was changed
updateReadHistoryInbox Incoming messages were read
updateReadHistoryOutbox Outgoing messages were read
updateWebPage An (IV) webpage preview was generated
updateReadMessagesContents Contents of messages in the common message box were read
updateChannelTooLong There are new updates in the specified channel, the client must fetch them, eventually starting the specified pts if the difference is too long or if the channel isn't currently in the states.
updateChannel A new channel is available
updateNewChannelMessage A new message was sent in a channel/supergroup
updateReadChannelInbox Incoming messages in a channel/supergroup were read
updateDeleteChannelMessages Some messages in a supergroup/channel were deleted
updateChannelMessageViews The view counter of a message in a channel has changed
updateChatParticipantAdmin Admin permissions of a user in a legacy group were changed
updateNewStickerSet A new stickerset was installed
updateStickerSetsOrder The order of stickersets was changed
updateStickerSets Installed stickersets have changed, the client should refetch them using messages.getAllStickers
updateSavedGifs The saved gif list has changed, the client should refetch it using messages.getSavedGifs
updateBotInlineQuery An incoming inline query
updateBotInlineSend The result of an inline query that was chosen by a user and sent to their chat partner. Please see our documentation on the feedback collecting for details on how to enable these updates for your bot.
updateEditChannelMessage A message was edited in a channel/supergroup
updateBotCallbackQuery A callback button was pressed, and the button data was sent to the bot that created the button
updateEditMessage A message was edited
updateInlineBotCallbackQuery This notification is received by bots when a button is pressed
updateReadChannelOutbox Outgoing messages in a channel/supergroup were read
updateDraftMessage Notifies a change of a message draft.
updateReadFeaturedStickers Some featured stickers were marked as read
updateRecentStickers The recent sticker list was updated
updateConfig The server-side configuration has changed; the client should re-fetch the config using help.getConfig
updatePtsChanged Common message box sequence PTS has changed, state has to be refetched using updates.getState
updateChannelWebPage A webpage preview of a link in a channel/supergroup message was generated
updateDialogPinned A dialog was pinned/unpinned
updatePinnedDialogs Pinned dialogs were updated
updateBotWebhookJSON A new incoming event; for bots only
updateBotWebhookJSONQuery A new incoming query; for bots only
updateBotShippingQuery This object contains information about an incoming shipping query.
updateBotPrecheckoutQuery This object contains information about an incoming pre-checkout query.
updatePhoneCall An incoming phone call
updateLangPackTooLong A language pack has changed, the client should manually fetch the changed strings using langpack.getDifference
updateLangPack Language pack updated
updateFavedStickers The list of favorited stickers was changed, the client should call messages.getFavedStickers to refetch the new list
updateChannelReadMessagesContents The specified channel/supergroup messages were read
updateContactsReset All contacts were deleted
updateChannelAvailableMessages The history of a channel/supergroup was hidden.
updateDialogUnreadMark The manual unread mark of a chat was changed
updateMessagePoll The results of a poll have changed
updateChatDefaultBannedRights Default banned rights in a normal chat were updated
updateFolderPeers The dialog list of a folder was changed
updatePeerSettings Settings of a certain peer have changed
updatePeerLocated List of peers near you was updated
updateNewScheduledMessage New incoming scheduled message
updateDeleteScheduledMessages Some scheduled messages were deleted
updateTheme A new cloud theme was installed
updateGeoLiveViewed Live geoposition message was viewed
updateLoginToken A login token (for login via QR code) was generated
updateMessagePollVote A specific user has voted in a poll
updateDialogFilter A new folder was added
updateDialogFilterOrder New chat folders order
updateDialogFilters Update folder list
updatePhoneCallSignalingData Incoming phone call signaling payload
updateChannelParticipant A participant has left/joined a channel or supergroup.
updateChannelMessageForwards The forward counter of a message in a channel has changed
updateReadChannelDiscussionInbox Incoming messages were marked as read
updateReadChannelDiscussionOutbox Outgoing comments in a discussion thread were marked as read
updatePeerBlocked A peer was blocked
updateChannelUserTyping user is typing in a supergroup, channel or message thread
updatePinnedMessages Some messages were pinned in a chat
updatePinnedChannelMessages Messages were pinned/unpinned in a channel/supergroup