Object contains info on events occured.

updateNewMessage#13abdb3 message:Message pts:int = Update;
updateMessageID#4e90bfd6 id:int random_id:long = Update;
updateReadMessages#c6649e31 messages:Vector<int> pts:int = Update;
updateDeleteMessages#a92bfe26 messages:Vector<int> pts:int = Update;
updateUserTyping#5c486927 user_id:int action:SendMessageAction = Update;
updateChatUserTyping#9a65ea1f chat_id:int user_id:int action:SendMessageAction = Update;
updateChatParticipants#7761198 participants:ChatParticipants = Update;
updateUserStatus#1bfbd823 user_id:int status:UserStatus = Update;
updateUserName#a7332b73 user_id:int first_name:string last_name:string username:string = Update;
updateUserPhoto#95313b0c user_id:int date:int photo:UserProfilePhoto previous:Bool = Update;
updateContactRegistered#2575bbb9 user_id:int date:int = Update;
updateContactLink#51a48a9a user_id:int my_link:contacts.MyLink foreign_link:contacts.ForeignLink = Update;
updateNewAuthorization#8f06529a auth_key_id:long date:int device:string location:string = Update;
updateNewEncryptedMessage#12bcbd9a message:EncryptedMessage qts:int = Update;
updateEncryptedChatTyping#1710f156 chat_id:int = Update;
updateEncryption#b4a2e88d chat:EncryptedChat date:int = Update;
updateEncryptedMessagesRead#38fe25b7 chat_id:int max_date:int date:int = Update;
updateChatParticipantAdd#3a0eeb22 chat_id:int user_id:int inviter_id:int version:int = Update;
updateChatParticipantDelete#6e5f8c22 chat_id:int user_id:int version:int = Update;
updateDcOptions#8e5e9873 dc_options:Vector<DcOption> = Update;
updateUserBlocked#80ece81a user_id:int blocked:Bool = Update;
updateNotifySettings#bec268ef peer:NotifyPeer notify_settings:PeerNotifySettings = Update;
updateServiceNotification#382dd3e4 type:string message:string media:MessageMedia popup:Bool = Update;
updatePrivacy#ee3b272a key:PrivacyKey rules:Vector<PrivacyRule> = Update;
updateUserPhone#12b9417b user_id:int phone:string = Update;


updateNewMessage New message
updateMessageID Sent message was assigned an identifier
updateReadMessages Messages marked as read
updateDeleteMessages Messages deleted
updateRestoreMessages Messages restored
updateUserTyping User is typing a message
updateChatUserTyping User is typing in a group
updateChatParticipants Group members updated
updateUserStatus Contact status update
updateUserName Contact changed name
updateUserPhoto Contact changed photo
updateContactRegistered Previously imported contact has registered
updateContactLink Change of relationship with the user
updateActivation User activated account
updateNewAuthorization A previously unknown device was authorized to access the current user's account
updateNewGeoChatMessage New message in GeoChat
Constructor added in Layer 4.
updateNewEncryptedMessage New message in a secret chat
Constructor added in Layer 8.
updateEncryptedChatTyping User in a secret chat is typing a message
Constructor added in Layer 8.
updateEncryption Status change in a secret chat
Constructor added in Layer 8.
updateEncryptedMessagesRead Message history in a secret chat marked as read
Constructor added in Layer 8.
updateChatParticipantAdd New group member
Constructor added in Layer 10.
updateChatParticipantDelete Member left group
Constructor added in Layer 10.
updateDcOptions DC configuration has been updated
Constructor added in Layer 10.
updateUserBlocked Blacklist updated
Constructor added in Layer 10.
updateNotifySettings Changes in notification settings
Constructor added in Layer 10.
updateServiceNotification Service message for the user
Constructor added in Layer 18.