Detailed chat info

chatFull#1b7c9db3 flags:# can_set_username:flags.7?true has_scheduled:flags.8?true id:int about:string participants:ChatParticipants chat_photo:flags.2?Photo notify_settings:PeerNotifySettings exported_invite:ExportedChatInvite bot_info:flags.3?Vector<BotInfo> pinned_msg_id:flags.6?int folder_id:flags.11?int = ChatFull;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
can_set_username flags.7?true Can we change the username of this chat
has_scheduled flags.8?true Whether scheduled messages are available
id int ID of the chat
about string About string for this chat
participants ChatParticipants Participant list
chat_photo flags.2?Photo Chat photo
notify_settings PeerNotifySettings Notification settings
exported_invite ExportedChatInvite Chat invite
bot_info flags.3?Vector<BotInfo> Info about bots that are in this chat
pinned_msg_id flags.6?int Message ID of the pinned message
folder_id flags.11?int Peer folder ID, for more info click here



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Telegram allows placing chats into folders, based on their type, mute status, or other custom criteria, thanks to folder blacklists and whitelists.